Types of Bail Bonds

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Our qualified bail bondsman can help you with all of your bail bonds requirements all over the entire state of California. The majority of our business comes through referrals and our association with attorneys.

We deal exclusively with a wide range of criminal defense attorneys throughout California. The attorneys we work with want the best for their clients. That is why they rely on People’s Bail Bonds in their time of need. Whether you need a Surety Bond, Immigration Bail Bond, or a criminal or traffic Bail Bond, we can help.

Over the last 15 years we have explored the needs of the public, the inmate, the court system and custody personnel in order to provide better service to everyone involved in the process of bail. In other words, we are easy to work with.

Why Should you Choose People’s Bail Bonds?


There are many arrest situations occur every day that are uniquely different. If an agent is not familiar with California law, arrest procedures, jail release requirements, court procedures and a general familiarity with the clerks and staff members in each county, the chances are that you will be misinformed or mislead. Having been in business for number of years we pride ourselves at being the best in the business when it comes to knowledge and experience.

Qualitative Service

Services like always being personally available to you. When you call People’s Bail Bonds your call is directly attended by the main authority Mr. Harry Kassabian, nobody else.  Apart from bail, if you are planning to use an attorney, we can arrange that for you. Our every client treated with care, respect and honesty.


We are well aware that a defendant cannot continue to work when they’re in custody, which makes the situation very difficult to support them self and prepare for their defense. This is why we offer flexible, interest-free payment plans to those that need it most. If you do not have the full bail premium amount, or your money is needed to retain an attorney, just ask us – we can help.


We will study the defendants in-custody situation and analyse if arrangement of bail is the most logical and cost effective thing to do. In lot of sitiutations, bail is reduced or eliminated by the court if the defendant stays in custody just one additional day. In this kind of situation, we will advise you, and together will help you to come to a decision regarding bail. Our approach is in working for your best interest and not by being unethical or misleading.
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